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The type of relationship a mother has with her daughter is the foundation in which the daughter uses as she grows up and becomes a woman.

A mother is the blueprint for her daughter. The daughter watches and immolates her mothers every move. At some point the best of who her mother is becomes the light for which her daughter shines. If the foundation is strong the influence of others will not stand a chance when it comes to cracking the solid foundation. Depending on what has been observed will also determine the influences a mother has on her daughter. The negative side of this is a daughter picks up her mothers bad habits.

When these negative habits are passed down from one generation to the next the habits worsen. As a result the daughter is now the mother and the mothers bad habits are multiplied within her daughter. The daughter is who she thinks she should be, like her mother, bad habits and all. As said before, this is passed down from generation to generation. If the daughter has her own daughter the cycle continues. What makes this interesting is that there are some individuals that are clueless to any of this. For some there is no issue because who they are and will become is just a part of the cycle. It is also their reality.

How can the cycle be broken?

As a mother, what have you instilled in your daughter? What image have you presented for your daughter to immolate?

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