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While I was in the grocery store yesterday, I heard the familiar song "Let it Go" from the Disney movie "Frozen" and it wasn't coming from the store's intercom.

The song was coming from a cell phone that was in a grocery cart being pushed by a little girl about 9-years-old. She was singing along with the song and belting it out like she was on stage doing a performance.

Over the last several weeks it seems as though every little girl around the ages of 6-11 is either singing or listening to that song or the other song from the movie, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

The LA Times reports that it is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

On YouTube there are lots of renditions of the song from children to adults, from funny to serious.

Scott S. Kramer a musician and a father has noticed the same thing and even admits to singing along himself, in his parody of the song that has gone viral on YouTube.

Scott posted that although he complains about being sick of the song, he made it, "with 100 percent love for everyone involved in making such a great animated film."

On Friday, another video of the song was posted on YouTube, that by Monday had gone viral. This video is not of someone singing the song, but of a man who calls himself Dan Newbie using wine glasses, pots, pans and a milk carton to produce a delightful sound that you don't want to miss.

Click on the video above to watch. It will brighten your day and you might just catch yourself singing along.

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