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Traffic signals at El Cajon main intersections will give traffic managers at City Hall the heads up on traffic conditions. The future traffic signal system will connect intersection traffic signals to the city's traffic watch center using fiber optic cables workers install on the busy street lines.

Real time views on traffic stops and movements make the new system a major upgrade. The city already invested Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program grant money and Transnet funds in building a westbound lane at Main Street and Jamacha Boulevard, and, upgrading the traffic signal to allow both directions to go through the intersection at the same time. The 2nd STreet-Jamacha Boulevard corridor and the Avocado Street corridor near Main Street are local traffic areas scheduled to get the fiber optic wireless traffic watch system. El Cajon, in March, received 1.57 million dollars in new Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program grant funds.

Steady traffic management will lower collision counts and line up easier drives through traffic, the city says.

Workers will connect seven Avocado Street intersections on 2 roadway miles to City Hall. And, put in 10 new street lights to improve night visibility. El Cajon residents can expect better timing at intersections. Workers will upgrade the vehicle detectors in the pavement. New 12 inch green, yellow, and red lights will make the signals more visible.

Taking notice of U-turn and left-turn signs is also set to get easier. New high intensity reflective sheets designed to make the regulation signs more visible made the traffic project list.

City work on the plan to give El Cajon residents the "best possible traffic safety and flow" using "state-of-the-art technology" has just begun. By Summer, the locals will use traffic signals along the 2nd Street-Jamacha Boulevard corridor connected by wireless cables to City Hall. Fourteen thousand dollars in Transnet funds add to the federal grant money El Cajon has to spend on the one hundred and forty thousand dollar project.

Modernization upgrads will remain open work. El Cajon plans on spending 100,000 dollars in Transnet money each of the next four fiscal years to upgrade its traffic signal system. Currently, the city's traffic equipment is downgraded. Poles over 35 years old need replacement.

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