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TechCrunch broke the news this afternoon that Google is interested in buying Skybox Imaging, a microsatellite and data gathering company, in Mountain View, California. Since Facebook has set about a quest to own drones and proceed to connect to the world for its, Google can survey the world and maintain a high resolution imaging map and data platform.

Skybox's current customers use its services for satellites in the sky to the data-analytics platforms. Its website defines itself, ‘We build satellites, we write code, and we deploy data centers. But at heart Skybox is about unlocking the human story by approaching daily global activity as the world’s largest data science problem.’

Skybox participated with its satellites in an attempt to find the missing Malaysian MH370 passenger plane. It lists on its website news of which the recent attempt to assist in locating the missing airliner was posted along with a video with Anderson Cooper 360 and an article from KPIX news in San Francisco. The feature stories describe how the small satellites can provide both still and video images with defining resolution to see individual cars on the road.

In the case of the Malaysian missing plane, a Skybox satellite took and provided photos and videos from Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City, released by Skybox to the media.

While Facebook plans to connect the world, Google appears to be planning to map the world and provide services that will utilize satellite and data platform capable of creating information to clients around the world.

Skybox has raised million dollars since it began in 2009 and a large portion has been through a million Series C round led by Canaan Partners and Norwest Venture Partners.

Skybox’s powerful message on its website clearly states the map for the future in its vision statement:

‘Our satellites and software are constantly evolving to better serve you. Reach out to tell us what you need. We don’t believe in ‘build it and they will come.’ We do believe in building powerful high performance systems that match the real needs of real customers changing the world on a daily basis.’

Skybox has demonstrated with the missing MH 370 flight just a small amount of the world there is to view, map and build data platforms for advancement to the human existence. Google may bring this to the world and the future. It has already opened an Institute in Paris last September which is devoted to discussion and debate about technology and related issues.

To find more information about technology and Google view the list below in Author’s suggestions and the video atop this article from Google and its views around the world mapping from underwater to inside the Oval office inside the White House.

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