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The point of no return for former House speaker Nancy Pelosi is the subject of the Affordable Care Act. Some might call her opinions a ‘suicidal mission,’ or just plain bizarre behavior, but Pelosi indeed marches to a far different political drummer than most of her liberal colleagues.

Pelosi told CNN’s “State of the Union " with host Candy Crowley on Sunday, "We are celebrating the fact that we have over 7 million signed up. Democrats are proud of the additional 3.1 million young adults who have been able to get on their parents' health insurance policies, along with the 5 million who have been signed up on Medicaid, bringing the numbers of people with "affordable" insurance to nearly 15 million. It's really pretty exciting. We are very proud of what we have accomplished."

Meanwhile, many re-election-thinking Democrats have distanced themselves from Pelosi, the president and Obamacare. Pelosi will actually admit, but in the world she lives in, there are a "couple hundred" House Democrats “proud” of what has been accomplished.

It should be noted those figures are in phantom numbers created by 'The world of Nancy.'

Like a proud mother she reluctantly admits, "a few" Democrats are distancing themselves from her pet project, "… but that's the exception. Democrats embrace the Affordable Care Act. We're very proud of it," she said with her famously disingenuous or medically-induced smile.


In 'Nancy’s world,' any opposition is the enemy. She is quick to denounce critics of the law such as former Obama administrations officials, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

To the San Francisco liberal questioning whether the Obamacare employer mandate will become a reality is almost treasonous – okay, it actually is in her mind. The employee mandate is an “integral” part of the law. No matter what anyone says, she does not believe it’s going anywhere.

It’s easier to understand Pelosi’s mind if you have a better sense of where she comes from. She represents an ultra-liberal district of the country that treats politics like an encounter session. Experiment with other people’s money and see what happens.

She and her multi-millionaire husband, Paul Pelosi, have the wealth to withstand anything she proposes for the rest of America.

It comes as no surprise that Pelosi voiced her views on liberal CNN Sunday with a sympathetic ‘journalist,’ Candy Crowley, famous for correcting presidential candidate Mitt Romney on his Benghazi comments during a debate in 2012 with her beloved Barack Obama.

It turned Romney's comments were correct and Crowley came off appearing as a flag-holder for Obama – a good fit for interviewing smiling Nancy.

Pelosi has adamantly refused many conservative talk show offers over the years, especially Fox News. Could it be because other journalists with a capital “J” would actually question her beliefs and figures? That might lead to problems of accessibility to the president which CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC do not have.

Crowley brought Pelosi down memory lane regarding her past as speaker of the House. "I actually did not necessarily want to be leader again, but they wanted me to be, so here I am." It was a brazen statement that Crowley did not challenge - naturally.

Pelosi is expected to take 80 percent of the vote in her next election this November in San Francisco.


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