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Those little tablets that turn eggs into near-neon shades of pink, yellow and blue — Paas Easter egg dye — hit the market the late 1800s. Whether you use commercial dye or a natural dye, we found some ways to jazz up your Easter offerings in the Star archives.

Decorating twists (all designs call for hard-boiled eggs):

Tie-dye Easter eggs: Wrap several different-sized rubber bands around each egg before placing it in the dye, leaving some of the eggshell exposed. Soak egg until it reaches desired hue. Remove fromdye and let dry. Unfasten rubber bands for a tie-dyed creation.Marbling: Place egg in an empty egg carton lid. Drip rubber cement (or other strong glue) onto each egg in various shapes and patterns. Let glue dry completely. Dye egg to desired shade. Set out to dry. When egg has dried completely, peel off glue to unmask abstract design.Crayons: Use crayons to draw a design on an uncolored egg. Afterward, dip the egg into dye, remove, let dry. Hue will accentuate the crayon design.Printing: You can paint eggs using poster paint and a potato. First, dye eggs a base color and let dry. (You can also leave them plain for a white base color.) Quarter potato, then cut into smaller shapes like triangles, squares or hearts. Dip potato in poster paint, then stamp onto egg in desired pattern. Let dry completely.Candy décor: For eggs you don't plan to eat, use a hot glue gun to affix any assorted candies (Smarties, sprinkles, etc.) to egg.

Sources: "Easter eggs to dye for" by Elyssa Andrus, Arizona Daily Star, March 27, 2002, and  "Trade glittery tints for organic egg dyes" by Erin White, Arizona Daily Star, April 12, 2006

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