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Studentsin Alabama will receive a firsthand look at what education can bring at least million over a person's lifetime if they graduate from college. Thanks to apartnership with State Farm and , over 1,500 students will board The Choice Bus starting Tuesday, April 8, through Friday, April11. The bus is a half-classroom, half-prison cell mobile experience dedicatedto reducing the dropout rate and one of six tools created by The Mattie C.Stewart Foundation. Since 2008, TheChoice Bus has visited more than 2 million students in 20 states. The busschedule includes:

"The Choice Bus experience allowsstudents to envision two dramatically different futures and sends a powerfulmessage about the value of education. The major focus during the presentationis showing young people what education can do for them and how it's connectedto career choices and lifetime earning potential," said Sherri Stewart,executive director of The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation.

grant by State Farm provides The ChoiceBus the opportunity to visit schools, along with Learn2Earn and the Toolkit. The Foundation has created Learn2Earnas a financial literacy curriculum for educators to teach students theimportance of understanding the world of finance, such as budgeting, taxes,credit cards, loans, etc.

EachInsideOutToolkit contains a Teacher's Guide, a Stay in School Pledge Card and the InsideOutdocumentary a 26-minute DVD that exposes the real story of thedevastating and lasting effects of dropping out of school, told by those wholive with the consequences every day: prison inmates. The documentary andcompanion Teacher's Guide have been used in classrooms and community centers in49 states and Canada and viewed by an estimated 15 million students, parentsand community leaders.

"Webelieve The Choice Bus truly impactsthe decisions and choices of our students; it truly makes a difference in ourschools and communities," said Emily Clark, State Farm Insurance public affairs specialist. "That'swhy we're proud partners of The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation tools. We know theimportance of helping students understand the power of their choices."

StateFarm and MCSF have partnered for the last three years to bring The Choice Bus to Alabama, Delaware, Georgia,Indiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and additional State Farmterritories. State Farm is committed to staying connected to the community bypartnering with schools and organizations to help build safe, strong andeducated communities.

Dr. Shelley Stewart, founder and presidentof The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, said, "Education is the key to a successful life.We need to show every child that they have the potential to pursue a career andmake a good living. That's why we are grateful to State Farmfor helping us further our mission to increase the graduation rate in Alabamaand across the nation."

To learn more about The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation and The Choice Bus, visit .

A federal report claims that allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior were determined to be unfounded, when prisoners failed or refused to submit to lie-detector tests.

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