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Dale Earnhardt and NASCAR fans had quite a scare when Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson were involved in an accident in Texas. Earnhardt is now out of the race.

According to news reports on April 7 from USA Today and ABC News where Dale Earnhardt clipped the front of a grassy area he claims he was unable to see and forced him into the outside barrier wall. The car immediately caught fire causing a lot of damage to the vehicle.

Dale Earnhardt was able to quickly pull himself from the fiery wreck and was without injury. It seems his vision was blocked and the grass wasn’t within his sights while driving. Never realizing he was that close to the grass was a mistake that usually would have been avoidable but he clipped the wet and softened grass and the vehicle responded to the change in how the tires grasp the ground beneath it.

The Duck Dynasty family leader Robertson called the Duck Dynasty Commander 500 gave the order to stop the race in Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway due to the rainy weather. Uncle Si missed his chance to give the command for everyone to start their engines. Phil Robertson was going to be the one to wave the green flag, while his son Jep was going to ride a pace car; Jase Robertson would have had the honor of introducing the starters in the top ten categories while his wife Missy sang the national anthem. Sadly the Duck Dynasty family didn’t get to participate as planned. Maybe they will be able to follow those dreams when the race date is rescheduled. There were almost forty family members present from the Duck Dynasty family to see the race and their relatives perform in part of the sporting event.

The race has been rescheduled for Monday at 11:00 a.m. for all fans to tune in or be present to witness the race!

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