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The FAA released a fact sheet that includes March 2014 here are the statistics for those who want to see how dependent Alaska is on aircraft transportation:

Alaska’s 586,412 square miles of land and 2,427,971 square miles of airspace are served by:

3 Flight Standards district offices 8 FAA control towers and 4 military towers1 certificate management office 2 terminal radar approach control facilities1 aircraft certification office 1 air route traffic control center141 automated weather monitoring systems 17 Flight Service Stations217 aviation weather camera sites 1 commercial space port

Pilots, Mechanics, & Aircraft:There are 8,066 active pilots, 2,869 air frame and power plant mechanics of which 733 have inspection authorizations, and 9,515 registered aircraft in Alaska.

Airports:Alaska has 403 public use land-based airports, 43 heliports, and approximately 736 recorded landing areas (private, public, and military) total. Of course pilots land on many of the thousands of lakes and gravel bars across the state where no constructed facility exists.

Air CommerceThe number of enplanements (4.54 million) in Alaska is 6.2 times the state population compared to 2.3 times the U.S. population for all states. There are 286 certified air carriers in Alaska providing scheduled and on-demand services.

Seaplanes:Lake Hood in Anchorage is the world's largest and busiest seaplane base and the only seaplane base with primary airport status in the U.S. It accommodates an average of 177 daily takeoffs and landings with nearly 600 on a peak summer day. There were just fewer than 65,000 operations in 2013, when combined with the Lake Hood gravel strip. Alaska has the most seaplane bases in the country – 139

Air Traffic Control Tower Activity in 2013:Ted Stevens – Anchorage: 274,825 Bethel: 91,466Lake Hood: 64,875 Kenai: 46,639Fairbanks: 122,595 King Salmon: 25,737Juneau: 98,069 Kodiak: 47,109Merrill Field: 134,822

Airport Improvement:Since 1982 the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) has provided over .7 billion for airport construction, development, and planning in Alaska. This funding was provided via approximately 1,444 AIP grants. In fiscal year 2013, the FAA Alaskan Region distributed 0.4 million in 37 AIP grants to State and other “local” airport sponsors.

Rob Stapleton can be reached at: robstapleton(at)alaska(dot)net

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