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Cynthia Rhodes and Richard Marx are ending their marriage of 25 years in divorce. Cynthia Rhodes is best known as Johnny Castle's best girl friend in 80s film classic "Dirty Dancing." Marx is best known for being king of love ballads during that same decade. Years of happiness does not equal forever though. On April 5, Yahoo! News reported that Rhodes and Marx are getting divorced.

The news comes from Marx. He revealed that he was divorcing Rhodes in an interview with Katie Couric. This should not be too surprising though. The couple had been separated since July 2013. Marx is now dating again, and he is entering a very different dating pool than the one he experienced back in the 1980s. He said the following about the experience:

It's all brand new to me, so I'm just having fun.

How did this Hollywood couple meet? Marx and Rhodes met while they were both working on the John Travolta film "Staying Alive." She was a Travolta's love interest in the film, and he was working on the soundtrack for the feature. That was back in 1983. They married in 1989, and they share three sons. No reason for the split was revealed by Marx. Rhodes has said nothing about the announcement.

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