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A Navy ship rescue of a toddler off the coast of Mexico is bringing attention to a family to kick off the week. The family was a week into a trip that was meant to take them across the Pacific Ocean. However, their trip went bad when the youngest on board became ill. On April 5, New York Daily News reported on the rescue of the one-year old little girl from her family's boat the Rebel Heart.

The boat belongs to Charlotte and Eric Kaufman. The family was eight days into the trip with Lyra, the youngest daughter, developed a rash and a fever. Neither were responding to medication, and the family knew they had to make the call for help.

The California Air National Guard sent out four rescuers to the ship after the call for help was made, and they called in support from the USS Vandegrift. The rescuers stayed with the family until they could be taken on board the Navy warship. The family was then returned to San Diego. They had made it 900 miles off the coast of Cabo San Lucas when their trip ended.

Charlotte Kaufman spoke about their troubles in a blog about their trip. She said the following at one point, according to LAist:

Ultimately, how many people will ever experience the feeling of being surrounded by waves and wind, as close as an arm's reach away from them, for weeks and weeks? It is a difficult, self-imposed isolation that is completely worth it. Okay, maybe still a tiny bit stupid, but worth it.

What do you think? Would you be willing to travel around the world on a boat?

Regina Avalos covers the latest in news. Whether it is the latest in television spoilers, celebrities, or news from around the world, she keeps her readers up to date on what is happening. To follow her news updates, check out her Facebook and Twitter.

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