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One hundred arrests and 44 hospitalizations happened after a college spring break party went out of control on Saturday night. Deltopia was happening in the town of Isla Vista, and things quickly escalated after an incident with a backpack full of alcohol. The city is near UC Santa Barbara. On April 6, The Huffington Post reported on the incident.

Deltopia is a big college party that doesn't only attract the locals in the area. People come in from out of town, and there were 15,000 in attendance at this year's party. Alcohol was definitely a factor in the incident that occurred on Saturday night. Everyone that was hospitalized on Saturday had drank too much, according to the report..

It was not the first incident at this year's event either. Cops had been called out to a stabbing earlier in the day. Kelly Hoover, a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office said the following about the incident at Deltopia on Saturday:

"It was an emergency situation where we had to call in mutual aid. They have had civil disturbances before in Isla Vista, but it has been many years since something like this. It really was ridiculous."

Hoover said the amount of out of town people attending the party helped cause the trouble at the event. This is definitely a case of a spring break party gone bad. It is safe to say this is every parent's worst nightmare when their child goes off to spring break. The incident here was under control by Sunday morning.

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