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But…. Do we really have heartworm in Arizona?

Do my dogs really need an annual heartworm test and monthly preventative?

The answer is….. Yes! Arizona does have Heartworm Disease! By testing your dog annually and protecting him/her with a monthly preventative is far safer and less expensive than if your dog actually acquires heartworm disease. Many people don’t know the expense and on-going veterinary care required if your pet is diagnosed with heartworm disease. Annual Testing and a 12 month supply of heartworm preventative, depending on your dogs size, can range from 0-0 (small dog vs a large dog) compared to ,000-,000 for actual heartworm treatment for heartworm positive dogs. That’s a big difference!

The best and the only site we recommend learning about heartworm disease, prevention, and treatment is by the big guys themselves who know all about it, The American Heartworm Society.

To go directly to the educational page of their website click here:

The American Heartworm Society has actual pictures of heartworms so you can really see the severity of heartworm infection. If you’ve had any doubt until now we hope you don’t anymore. If your dogs have not been tested and are not currently taking a preventative please make an appointment with your veterinarian today and remember, veterinarians cannot give you preventative without a negative heartworm test first, so please don’t ask them. Your pet will need a complete physical examination first and then a test. Do your pet a favor and call their veterinarian today! They can’t live heartworm free without your help! Thanks pet friends! Kim

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