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Yes, this is a crowdfunding project! Elena Oglezneva works at Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne Australia.

She was recently in Africa on a mission a few years ago. During that time in Africa, she discovered that the continent was wealthy enough to cater for itself. However, the lack of education of the people hindered any development - especially towards the lower class.

The rate of unemployment is alarming, thus giving the default reality of "Poverty".

The problem is, there are no established models to deliver job opportunities to the people who otherwise don't have jobs. Most of the job-portals are unmaintained and non functional or ridiculously expensive to access, none however targets menial opportunities. This gap further exposed the opportunity of profitably engaging the lower class with jobs offered by the middle & upper class. More than 48.5% of this class of people live below a day. She decided to find ways to connect job seekers with job givers within the continent. For the past two years, a team of verified businesses in Africa have been developing a system to provide jobs to more less-fortunate individuals. This system and effort has paid off and thus we decided to automate the process using Internet and mobile technologies.

This is how the money will be used:

We are looking for 0,000.

The funds will be invested in a transparent and open process which is not limited to the following:

Design & deployment of the web & mobile app to drive the database systemPublicity and promotions to reach more possible consumers.The establishment of a work environment in Africa where the locals will be employed to manage the input of other users on the website.Expansion into other markets in AfricaCreate the foundation for a long term development of more products and services that will focus on self development for the people of Africa.Each of this phase has a rough ,000 price tag.

You can support this project here:

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