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After converting the extremely difficult 6-7 split in the seventh frame of her first game Monday night at Canoga Park Bowl, Marsha Martinez proclaimed what she had just accomplished.

“That’s two weeks in a row,” said Marsha with a big smile.

Marsha used the same strategy in knocking down the 6-7 spare twice in one week. She slid the six pin across the lane where it upended the seven pin.

“This one was lucky,” she said. “The other one [a week ago] was professional.”

Nailing the 6-7 split requires plenty of skill. Johnnie Englehart, among the super elite of San Fernando Valley bowlers and one of Marsha’s teammates, said converting that spare “for an amateur is one in 75. And that might be low.”

As for converting the 6-7 split two weeks in a row, Englehart added: “Time to buy a lottery ticket.”

Marsha, in her 10th year of league bowling, is more than just a split-meister. She’s averaging a career-best and powerful 197. And Marsha's blasted a 267 two years ago.

She admits that she has a gift for converting tricky spares – “if I’m focused,” she said.

Marsha graciously says that easier spares often prove more troublesome for her. But she also has converted the 6-7-10 (“twice in one week, here and Corbin [Bowl],” she says).

“She just loves attention,” Englehart joked.

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