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MKP Celebrity Talk Reporter, Maija Preddy had the rare opportunity during this past Oscar's to do a brief but fun interview with film legend Mickey Rooney. This is one of Mickey Rooney's final on-camera interviews. I was able to chat with Maija about the day she interviewed Hollywood Royalty Mr. Mickey Rooney!

Mike: How did the opportunity come about to interview Mickey Rooney?

Maija Preddy: Honestly, it all started with Batman. Weird right? To make a long story short, I was searching for an interview with Adam West, got in touch with Roger Neal who in turn invited me to his Oscar Suite 3 years ago, and each year since. Mr. Rooney was a guest in the suite this past February, and through patience, and understanding that I only had a few minutes to ask 3 questions...I was granted permission to do the interview.

Mike: Were you nervous chatting with him?

Maija: Absolutely. I'm nervous before each one of my interviews. The standing by, waiting to find out if you are going to have the chance to interview this legend that's just come through the door, makes those nerves even more apparent. Also, there was more of a crowd than I'm used to for this interview...knowing all eyes were on us made it a little more difficult. Keeping it to 3 questions was tough...but it was better than nothing.

Mike: What was your first impression of this film legend?

Maija: My first impression...I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home! I've always had this thing about wanting to adopt a grandpa...and who better than Mickey Rooney? Haha. He was so cute, so full of laughter and happiness, and I just wanted to spend a day with him listening to all the stories I'm sure he had to tell.

Mike: Do you have a favorite Mickey Rooney movie?

Maija: I think I would have to say my favorite Mickey Rooney movie, is "Breakfast at Tiffany's". You can't beat that. His character is one I'll never forget. I can picture him now. Again, he just puts a smile on your face.

Mike: Did you have a favorite moment or memory of the interview?

Maija: I loved how much he talked about his Canadian experiences. There are a lot of movies and TV series filmed in Vancouver, but you don't always get to hear what the cast or crew thought of the city...and when Mr. Rooney spoke of it, it was as if he was reliving some of his favorite memories. To know our city, gave such a legend an impression like that means a lot. And of course...his sock answer. He threw some humor into it, which is exactly what I would have expected.

Mike: Where does your sock question come from?

Maija: Ahh the sock question. Haha. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be different. So when I was younger, I took to mismatching my socks. (I know what you're thinking...that's not so different)...and I felt the same. So I went a step further. I matched mismatched socks. If one was Batman, the other was Robin, if one was rainbows, the other was sunshine. I continue to wear socks like this on a daily basis. It's a part of who I am. I've noticed through my years that it's a great conversation piece. Everyone has a sock story, (You're probably thinking of yours now). I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the socks they choose to wear. It always gets a good response, and I decided to make it my thing. My signature question. There's nothing better than running into a person I've interviewed in the past, and hearing them say "Wait til you see my socks!"

Mike: You have done ton of celebrity interviews ...where can people find you on the web?

Maija: I'm all over the place on the web My official website is That includes a little about me, my interviews and I've started writing concert reviews. You can also find each of my interviews at Find me on instagram @mkpcelebritytalk and make sure to hashtag #Showmeyoursocks and on Facebook it's

Mike: Any final thoughts on the passing of Mickey Rooney?

Maija: I was devastated, as many were, to hear the news of Mr. Rooney's passing. I had just come out of watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and received a text from my brother, sharing an article he'd found, and his condolences. It hit me pretty hard. I sat in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes before leaving...tears filled my eyes, and honestly the drive home is a blur. All I could think was how terrible! 93, and still taken too soon. The thought that I may possibly be the last person to have interviewed overwhelming. It was an honor in itself just to speak with him...but to be at least ONE OF the last to hear his story...Wow. Words can't describe it. The fact that this wonderful man, took the time he did, to speak with me, Maija average girl just trying to make her dreams come unreal. It's just that. A dream come true. I found the perfect quote from him the other night that read "You always pass failure on your way to success". I know that Mr. Rooney truly believed this...because if he didn't, he would have said no to the interview. He wouldn't have given me a chance to succeed. This interview, will forever have a place in my heart. It's people like him that make me love what I do. Willing to take a chance on a girl that just wants to promote him and his career. Amazing.

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