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Is psychoanalysis a factual and helpful science or is it leading to mythical beliefs? When did the science of psychology become something prevalent and considered accomplished? Sigmund Freud was a pioneer to the science of psychology with his study of the human brain, and of a person’s mind and the influence on bodily health based on beliefs and the mind's thinking and actions.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, psychoanalyst's practices were criticized especially those that went through the practice of psychoanalysis which could take many years of weekly visits to one’s therapist.

Freud’s theory, which he formulated in the 1890s revised repeatedly, was both comprehensive and radical. It's bottom line is that we do not know ourselves. In his formulation, the mind constantly generates powerful wishes that are repressed — shut down by our own internal censors before we even become aware of them. Much of what we do and think is shaped by these unconscious impulses, unbeknownst to us. Dreams, slips of the tongue and psychiatric symptoms are the result of desires distorted by the mental censors. In the “talking cure” — the practice of psychoanalysis — the therapist helps the patient notice these mental lapses, interpret the unconscious struggles they reflect and bring them into the light of self-awareness.

Psycholanalysis, PTDS, drug therapy, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, which are chemicals that inhibit the activity of the monoamine oxidase enzyme family, are some factors for curing diseases like PTSD. There is a long history of using medications for the treatment of depression by using (MAOI’s).

Some disturbing statistics about youth being prescribed with psychotropic drugs (1:6) One in every six males under the age of 14 has been prescribed with a psychotropic drug. Appropriate and inappropriate behavior in schools has lead to this increase of drug therapy upon youth. It is not uncommon to have youth diagnosed with ADHD, bi-polar syndrome; Tourette’s syndrome. If you watch Dr. Phil, you find at least one of these diseases in youth shown on his weekly case studies.

With an early introduction to these behavioral abnormalities, doctors can be doing more harm than good by prescribing these drugs for a number of reasons. 1) brain development is not completed until people reach 20 years old. How damaging to delicate brain tissues when those drugs are introduced at such young ages that are diagnosed with behavioral problems?; and 2) diagnosis will most likely make youth question their psychological mental health when they are adults.

Because the ‘laying on the couch” or “talk therapy” kind of therapy was substituted with so many varieties of mood altering drugs enriching the pharmaceutical corporations financially, the age of legalizing mood altering drugs or recreational drugs, has lead America with two whole states (i.e. Washington and Colorado), and many other states lobbying for the same. The one country that has decriminalized marijuana is the South American country of Uruguay.

Psychoanalysis seems to be making a comeback, and interestingly enough, Freud’s experimentation went beyond the theoretical ideas about the unconscious, and delved into the realm of organic experimentation. Sigmund Freud, the creator of psychoanalysis, actually began his career as a neurobiologist, dissecting, the nerves of crayfish. But in his late 19th-century era, brain science was primitive. Even the basics of how a neuron worked were still mysterious. Freud abandoned objective science, developing a subjective approach approach to understanding the mind based on what his unhappy patients told him about their inner lives. Psychoanalysis, the discipline he created, began as a technique to help miserable people. It became the 20th century’s single most influential theory about the human mind.

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