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Susanne Atanus is a woman who wants to represents a Chicago area congressional district. She is running in the Republican primary and she has a doozy of a belief. She states that the god that she believes in puts tornados and diseases and autism on earth because of gay rights and abortion.

Now, there is a wacky celebrity who because of absurd beliefs on autism, led to kids not getting needed shots. But at least that person didn't justify hatred of a group because of her god, by saying it leads to autism. This story on Atanus is reported by the way in the Jan. 22, Chicago Daily Herald.

If what she said was true, wouldn't the kids raised by gay couples, be more likely to be autistic? But autism doesn't work that say, so she is telling the parents of autistic kids that their children are that way because gay couples somewhere can marry. Also, that women have a right to choose. Wow.

By the way, in Connecticut, Assistant Coach Ernest Jones, a coach for the Connecticut Huskies football team (a public college), stated that "Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle."

Coach Jones might not be aware that the government, and him as a governmental actor, cannot endorse or supporter or promote his own personal religious beliefs.

Yes, it is tough. If only he could get a job at a private/religious university and do the same, oh, that's right, he decided to leave Notre Dame, a Catholic university, last year, to follow his head coach to Connecticut. His choice, but wish choices come consequences.

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