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With the Winter Olympics just weeks away, Vladimir Putin and the Russian government have a lot of work yet to do to pull off this event and give the world a view of life inside of the new Russia. With venues incomplete, rumors of corruption being alleged by a Swiss member of the IOC, and serious terror threats being posed by different groups, these Olympics should be very interesting to say the least. The biggest issue with the terror threats facing Putin and the Russian people is that these threats are homegrown. The people posing these threats were all Russian citizens just a few years ago before Russia was split up and these people were left to start over and build their own nations. To some this was an opportunity for freedom and liberation, to others it was liken to being exiled because of their religious beliefs or ethnicity.

So with the dangers being so close it was very encouraging to see that Russia has reached out to the U.S. for information about security techniques to try to detect the possibility of roadside bombings. Based on the knowledge that was gained after the tragedy in Boston. Now clearly none of us expects for the leaders of our two governments to be sitting around the campfire singing Kumbaya anytime soon. But this is definitely a big step in trying to ensure the safety of not only the athletes, but for families and for the thousands of visitors who will be there for the games. And for that you have to at least give Putin and his comrades a cautious thumbs up.

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