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So, you need a job.

You need to apply, and will probably have to do so online...

Each time you access a career or company site, you are asked to upload your resume...which of course, is simply a record of each job you've had and your tasks performed, right?


The Resume, is the introduction of YOU, to a potential employer. This is the first impression when a head hunter is seeking qualified applicants. It must reflect what you know, and your level of professionalism, and attention to detail, in a concise way.

There are some who will tell you that your resume needs to be visually appealing, and this is true...however, it may be a good idea to leave the resume templates alone and focus on content. Especially if there is very little history or experience. Job seeker, there is always a way to phrase your experience. Even if you're applying for your first job, you have learned some type of skill set that can be translated in to an entry level position.

So, first things first....

You need a job.

You need to have a look at, or create a resume. There are some excellent services out there that can assist with this. In future posts, lists of services and help for the job seeker and resume builder will be included. There are also tons and tons of books out there that can help you build a suitable resume for the do-it-yourself job seeker.

Remember, the resume is the first impression, usually for the potential new hire. So, let's make it count.

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