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Every abundant year is only an ephemeral moment of our life. I would say, a single year is too fleeting for us to actualize everything significant in our “must” lists, if we even had one. Did you finish reading all the books in your 2013 “must-read” list? Were you able to behold the magnificent places in your “must-visit” list? If you did all of them, you might be very good at time management and congratulations for that. But, maybe your list is just too short.

Despite the challenges of 2013, the new year surely brings different promises for all of us. Wherever we live, we are facing fresh opportunities for new beginnings. We will be dealing with more lesson-filled challenges. Most of all, we will be embarking on new unforgettable and worthwhile adventures. If you had real fun and meaningful journey in 2013, make sure that at the end of 2014 your travelogue has been more daring, breathtaking and definitely life-changing.

Personally, I envisioned to make the year 2014 more exhilarating. I travelled to several countries last year, but I realized I never really had a good plan when it comes to my trips. So for 2014, I want to make it special. For that, I prepared my top five “must-see” places to enjoy and celebrate life.


Being an outdoor enthusiast, I desire for extremely exotic adventure. Overwhelming as it may sound but I do dream of hunting in Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa. I would love to visit Thornybush Game Reserve, because I have heard a lot of electrifying stories about it. Africa is a distinctively abundant place to treasure; absolutely one of the most magnificent continents in the world. To be there is to experience a unique paradise where both the wild, the exotic and the beautiful blend to delight, thrill and inspire both the natives and strangers.


Perhaps, one of the most amazing sights that could inspire heavenly feeling is unspoiled coral archipelagos in an ocean brimming with marine lives that would leave us in wonder and awe. Micronesia has one of the planet’s remarkable paradise, the Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands). I would like to drench myself in the richness of its natural wonders, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking, pristine coral world.


I was envious when a friend of mine went to Hawaii few years ago. The photos he’d taken was perfect, incredibly spectacular. I would want to experience the place myself, with all its luxurious beauty and charm and feed my curiosity about Kauai or The Garden Island. I want to bask under the canopy of its majestic forests and awe-inspiring natural wonders that lure many people from all over the world to come and visit every year.


I had received lots of invitations from my friends in Indonesia. They wanted me to come and visit the famous Bali to experience its jaw-dropping beauty, relaxing beaches and heart-warming culture. Somehow, I would like to experience reprieve on this small Indonesian island to further understand the deeper meaning of life, to experience greater fun and explore new tradition.


A luxurious Irish escapade would definitely complete my year. I want to visit Dublin to experience firsthand its interesting urban beat, comforting countryside tranquility, amazing seascapes, wonderfully charming culture, and so much more. It would be fantastic to explore the city and other parts of the country and laze around an Irish paradise and cherish its unforgettable loveliness and richness.

Traveling kills ignorance. It offers many things that would help us change, develop and enrich our perspectives and way of life. How I wish I could just fly anytime I want and go to places I’d dream to see. If you own a trade-a-plane jet, start creating your own list. Otherwise, book your tour as early as possible to experience the joy of traveling and explore the wonders of paradise on Earth.

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