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For many years now there has been a surge of Paranormal TV shows that are primarily about ghost hunting, talking about real ghost stories, and some fictional TV shows about it. Here are five ghost TV shows that you can stream on Netflix at the moment:

1. "Paranormal Witness"

A Syfy channel ghost show that uses documentary style-footage, photos, and a firsthand testimony to tell the stories about real hauntings. At the moment Netflix has season 1.

2. "Ghost Hunters: International"

This show was pretty good and for one reason it's locations. The show investigated castles from around the world, prisons, and other places where the ghosts were haunting. Netflix streaming doesn't have "Ghost Hunters," but its spinoff show might keep you occupied.

3. "Casper's Scare School"

Even the kids can get on the ghost action with this show about Casper the Friendly going to boarding school to learn how to be scary. Great for the Halloween season for the children!

4. "Ghost Whisperer"

Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in this CBS show about a medium who struggles in her daily life and struggles to help the spirits that call her. Netflix has five seasons of the hit show.

5. "The Haunted"

Remember when Animal Planet aired this series? "The Haunted" was a show that got firsthand accounts from the people who went through these terrifying events. The show though took a different turn, it looked at how the animals were affected in the house too.

So those are some diverse picks for any ghostly mood from a cartoon too real accounts, you'll find something about ghosts on Netflix.

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