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James Bond first started in books and then graced movie screens in the 1960s and even in the 50s there was a TV episode of "Climax!" called "Casino Royale," that starred actor Barry Nelson as James Bond. Anyway, every generation since then has heard of James Bond either from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. Now BBC America is not looking at Bond but its creator, Ian Fleming.

The show is called "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond" and Dominic Cooper is going to star as the author, Ian Fleming. It will air on BBC America on Jan. 29th at 9 p.m. central and its a 4 week event.

So for those who are looking for a little more about its creator in a dramatic and fun sense will love to watch this mini-series. It's going to follow his playboy days and his stint in the Naval Intelligence.

Anna Chancellor, Ann O’Neill, Rupert Evans, and Lesley Manville, star with Cooper in the series. Mat Whitecross is the director of the project.

Once again the show, "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond," is airing on BBC America at 9 p.m. on Jan. 29th and its a four part mini-series.

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