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Re: Disabled speed cameras send county drivers flying.

And who provided the data that there were 1,970 speeders recorded, a threefold increase, in the week after the cameras were turned off and the contract canceled? Oh yeah, American Traffic Solutions. It’s not as if they’d have any vested interest in inflating the numbers in an effort to save their contract.

Frank Moore

Pro-camera — always was, still am. Even slowing down for a few hundred yards is better than nothing, and I’d rather see cameras and know the cops, stretched thin already, can be working the felonies instead of writing a ticket while 50 other offenders fly by. Full disclosure: They got me once. Still feel the same.

Albert Joseph

Were there any collisions in or around these areas? The article says that lots more people were driving faster because they didn’t have to worry about the ticket. ... Did any of them crash? If so many people go so much faster than the speed limit and do so safely, doesn’t that mean that the cameras are enforcing a speed limit that is too low?

Ira Getraer

I’m still waiting on the increase in crashes at Alvernon and Ajo. Just a matter of time before it starts. That’s one of the reasons that camera was put in. At least one injury rear-end collision a day. And folks, there are fuel trucks that transit that intersection. One bad accident and we will all be screaming for lower speed limits.

James McKenzie

Re: City commission OK’s 110 miles of neighborhood street repairs.

“The million in road repairs will tackle streets in various conditions — from relatively good to relatively poor — although (Steve Pageau, chairman of the Bond Oversight Commission) conceded that some neighborhood streets were in such bad condition that they would cost too much to fix.” Huh? We can’t afford to redo the pavement and we can’t repair it, so ... do nothing?

Jon Quist

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to swerve to avoid these craters in the streets. People would probably think I was under the influence. I got smart, I started memorizing the streets that had them. The couple of times I’ve hit them, it was so hard I’m lucky I didn’t damage my car. It’s about time.

Carmen Urrutia

Yesterday I noticed how they repair the streets. They use hot asphalt to paint over the cracks. In most places it does not fill the crack itself, it only paints it a darker color of asphalt. They need to rip out the old asphalt and replace it, not paint it. Most cities do this process when repairing roads.

Christopher P. Pesqueira

Starr Pass is in shambles. Potholes, gouges, buckling and crumbling shoulders. Can’t get across town without having to swerve and dodge the obstructions and potholes. Maybe the city should foot the bill for front-end alignments. If only they could make all the city streets look like Fort Lowell. Only decent street in Tucson.

Paul Tadeo

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