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It's no surprise when you come across an author's work something compels you to click on a link or watch a video. As a content marketing specialist it's our job to keep up with the many different ways people use marketing strategies to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.

A good way for an author to do just that is with a book trailer. Author Bathsheba Dailey filled us in on just what works for her.

Bathsheba Dailey, 'I feel like you get more attention when people see you as the author and they get to know you before the book. In order to sell a book as an indie writer you need to show people who you are, what you represent, what you believe in and that you will be you no matter how far you may go or not.

My favorite quote is " Never forget who you are or where you have come from while being found by others" I try to live by that, and have to since it is my quote.

"Five Year Old Death" is a biography. The book tells you about all the hardships one deals with in life how she strives to make her life something more and better for herself and her children. When Bathsheba wrote the book she said she wrote it raw, as if she were right in front of you telling her story.

As an author Bathsheba Dailey has both a blog hearts and souls 'My blog is a safe haven to just be me' a and website Author Bathsheba Dailey. In her experience the blog gets more attention with over 25,961 total page views. You can click on the highlighted words to check them both out.

When it comes to social media platforms Bathsheba can be found on her Facebook author page, Facebook book promotion page, 'My Facebook is to connect with other great authors or potential readers.' I also use Twitter and LinkedIn. When asked which platform she loves the most Bathsheba held nothing back, 'I love love twitter because it seems like it gets the word out more which is why I am in tweeting groups.' Bathsheba has always written four poetry books.

Between now Jan 17th to Jan 31st "Five Year Old Death" kindle is on sale for 0.99. If you do not have a kindle remember that a lot of phone have free apps for it and so does your computer.

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