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While Obamacare advocates are touting the last minute surge of enrollees as a sign of success, bringing the number of people participating in the program up to “7 million,” a lot of people are still not happy with the program and/or the sign-up process.

As a result, the government has issued a few new options for those who tried to enroll, but missed Monday’s deadline, including implementing a grace period until April 15th to complete the process. This includes people who were stymied by overwhelmed phone lines, downed websites, general confusion, missing information on applications and other problems.

The fed has also initiated special 60-day extensions for people who are victims of extraordinary circumstances, be it natural disasters, serious illness, domestic abuse, or more mundane problems such as insurance company errors and misinformation by counselors, job changes, marriage, divorce or becoming parents. To learn more, the public can call either their state’s marketplace, or the federal call center at 800 318-2595.

Note: There is no deadline for low income individuals to sign up for Medicaid. It should also be stressed that consumers have the option of buying medical insurance directly from an insurance company at any time during the year, although they will no longer be able to obtain any government subsidies for low and midlevel income.

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