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The video of last Sunday's Lamborghini Aventador crash in London is creating quite a stir among those who've witnessed the shocking footage. The Italian supercar hit a small Mazda so badly that as a result of the impact, it literally flew through the air and collided into a BMW that was parked a few meters ahead. Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported but the Aventador suffered extensive damage as a result of the crash, an April 1 Business Insider report explained.

Imagine walking through the streets of London, camera in hand, recording the mechanical marvels that are often seen there and then suddenly, you see a Lamborghini Aventador flying through the air. This is precisely what happened to the author of the video, Tom Melsens, who surely could not believe what had just happened before him.

London is a hive of supercars but it's very rare for things like this to be captured on film.

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Tom Melsens, aka Shmee150, the user who recorded the video, respectfully blurred the faces of those involved in the crash.

Despite the violent nature of the crash, everyone walked away relatively unscathed. The property damage can be seen in the video and the Aventador appears to have suffered extensive damage to the front end of the vehicle. The other two vehicles involved in the crash, a Mazda 2 supermini and BMW 3 Series, were also badly damaged.

After seeing the video of the crash of a Lamborghini Aventador in London; what do you think? Whose fault is it, Mazda or supercar?

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