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Mom's rarely have time to take a shower or brush their teeth let alone get there hair or nails done. They take every moment of every day to make sure kids, dads, grandparents, co-workers and friends have everything they need, but who takes care of them? This year surprise mom with an Easter basket of her own filled with her favorite beauty products, like hair gel, shampoo, or even nail polish or hairbrushes. To top it off add a gift card from a local salon so she can get something done for herself!

Fort Myers has a lot of salons to choose from, so if mom doesn't have a regular salon here are a few to choose from that will be sure not to disappoint. Red Salon and Spa is an excellent choice with mom in mind. She can relax, get a pedicure, maybe have a glass of wine or get her hair taken care of by their highly trained and professional staff. Also Studio RK Salon is a great choice too. Offering nails, hair and more, this salon has hours to accommodate every hard working mommy. All staff is extremely talented and trained. Beller's Salon and Spa is another excellent choice for mom. Offering nails, skincare, hair, and permanent makeup, mom will not be let down by their highly recommended trained professionals. Indulgence Salon also offers skincare, hair and nails so mom will have the most relaxing experience in the great hands of industry experts.

Not only are all of these salons really great to receive services but they also offer plenty of high quality retail products to fill moms Easter basket also. Mom would love to find her Easter basket stuffed full of shampoo and conditioner, maybe a brush or some makeup and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi. Oh yeah, and don't forget the chocolate! Chocolate is a must-have final little touch to add to her basket.

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