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There are more varieties and types of pet food than ever before. You can feed wet, dry, small kibble, larger chunks kibble, fresh foods and snack items. The dog or cat has so much to choose from and that is the reason most pet owners take longer to pick out their pet’s food than their own. The baffling array of products is overwhelming and downright confusing. Here are some simple guidelines to help you out.

Start with the front of the container or bag and follow up with the label. Many foods say they have no grain, some grains or grain free. This needs to be considered if you have a dog with allergies as many need grain free or at least corn free products.

When reading a label, the ingredients are listed by the amount in the product. For example the first ingredient is the most prevalent item in the food. This should be protein, preferably meat rather than meat meal or meat by products.

Look for the item on the bag or container that tells you this is for grown dogs or puppies as their needs differ. There are products for dogs and cats that are lower in fat. There are pet foods with supplements like additives to help with older dogs and joint pain or additives that keep a cat’s kidney function working.Try to choose foods with the ingredients you need and hopefully missing those you do not need.

Consider your pet’s personal tastes and preferences. Some dogs dislike kibble and only want wet food, but the combination seems to be the best to ensure satisfaction and good health. There are flavors some cats or dogs dislike so keep that in mind while shopping. There are so many types of food that you do not need to feed them those they dislike. The ingredients in the better pet foods may surprise you such as pumpkin, blueberries, sweet potatoes and salmon for dogs.

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