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Expect more explosions like the one at the natural gas plant in Washington State: The earth wobble worsens. A massive explosion and fire at a liquefied natural gas pipeline in Plymouth, Washington, rocked the area at 8:19 a.m. Monday, March 31. The blast at the Williams Northwest Pipeline facility, "along the Columbia River," sparked a fire and punctured one of the facility's two giant storage tanks for liquefied natural gas.

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Does the thought of a "residential gas pipeline explosion" give you the willies"? It definitely should, as they are occurring with greater frequency as the time of the Pole Shift approaches. Remember the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion?

READ: Upsurge in refinery/pipeline explosions globally: Why? Anyone keeping score?

Fire officials said the disaster began with an explosion in a building, followed by a natural gas pipeline ruptured that sent shrapnel into a massive storage tank, triggering the risk of a much larger explosion. People living three to six miles away from the plant said they could feel the first explosion. A mushroom-shaped cloud of black smoke rose into the air, and escaping fumes sickening emergency responders. Everyone within a two mile radius of the plant was evacuated..

For the so-called “experts,” the cause of the pipeline explosion remains a mystery (or so they say). For those with even an inkling of the expected earth changes before the Pole Shift, the cause is quite clear, “tectonic plate movement” due to Planet X (Nibiru) on the offensive.

By the way, Williams Northwest Pipeline, the company whose tank exploded on Monday, has had other recent problems in the Portland area. In mid-March, the company had to lower the pressure on one of the main pipelines serving the west side of Portland to compensate for "malfunctioning equipment" that caused several emergency releases of natural gas.

Check out the map of catastrophes "along the Columbia River" in just a little over a month. As seen on the map for Washington and Oregon, these recent catastrophes are just the latest in a series of Pacific Northwest earth movement events that have rocked these states, in particular, along the Columbia River.

But, why so many earth-movement disasters "along the Columbia River" of late?

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, flows northwest and then south into the US state of Washington, where it turns west to form most of the border between Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

The Zetas of ZetaTalk (Sept 11, 2004) give the following explanation with regard to rivers, like the Columbia River or the Mississippi River, and large bodies of water, like the Great Lakes.

They say, it is not a coincidence that deep lakes are found along tear zones. Rivers and large bodies of water represent weak spots in the earth. This is where the plates have separated in the past and water pooled. The Mississippi River, a weak spot that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, and the St. Lawrence Seaway are weak spots in the North American plate, as well as stretch zones.

The North American continent is undergoing great stress as it is stretched diagonally, from the southwest to northeast, Unlike compression or subduction zones, stretch zones are unique, in that land that formerly supported infrastructure fails or pulls apart, leaving buildings, roads, or bridges subject to sudden collapse, water mains subject to breaks, and gas and oil pipelines subject to explosions..

Sampling of recent earth-movement disasters:

Oregon quake swarms at Mount Hood, sinkholes, loud booms, shaking, landslides4.8 quake at Yellowstone: What do the bison know that we don't know?Tectonic plate movements break undersea Internet cables in Asia-Pac: Surprised?Mysterious loud boom in Washington state: Not quake or sonic boom, what was it? Earth changes put dams at risk: Massive 65-ft crack in Washington state dam Piece by piece: Dramatically spreading sinkhole devastates Seattle couple’s home

Those living in the Columbia River area should consider this pipeline explosion a warning of worse things to come. What happens if the Hanford Nuclear Reactor, also along the banks of the Columbia River, explodes or collapses into a sinkhole?

Planet X (Nibiru) is real. The Pole Shift approaches. Regardless of what you believe or don't believe, preparing now for the next unprecedented disaster is not a bad idea. It could (and probably will) strike tomorrow.

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