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louis vuitton checkered tote Kelly Clarkson (Special) -- If you're looking to get motivated and spend a little time outdoors, today is the perfect day for it.

It's which means people across the country will be strapping on their sneakers and taking a stroll around the block. The event is hosted by the American Heart Association, which hopes to help Americans fight heart disease by lowering their risks through low-impact exercise.

Of course, taking a walk through your neighborhood is always better when there's a soundtrack involved. To get you in the mood, here's a few of our favorite tunes centered around walking.

"These boots are made for walking" - Nancy Sinatra

This is the ultimate walking song thanks to its upbeat melody and sassy attitude. Go ahead and sashay your way down the block. We won't blame ya.

"I'm gonna be (500 miles)" - The Proclaimers

This song's slow start will give you time to catch your breath before you burst with energy as the chorus comes up. Just try not to scare any of your fellow walkers while belting out the "Da Lat Da" part.

"I'm walking on sunshine" -- Katrina and the Waves

Okay, so this one might be so upbeat it's a bit annoying, but just go with it. Embrace the sunshine. Smell the Roses. Enjoy the fresh air. See? Being outside isn't all bad.

"Walking after midnight" - Patsy Cline

This one is a good song to listen to while cooling down at the end of your route. While Cline can certainly sing, it might not be the best song for setting a pace. Instead, why not try something more upbeat..

"Walk like an Egyptian" - The Bangles

This one is a bit silly, but it'll make your walk a little more fun. Go ahead and give the dance move a try. Why not tone your arms while you're already out and about?

"Walk this Way" - Aerosmith

For those that miss the 80s, now's your chance to relive them. If you're feeling like taking in something a little bit different, go for the Run DMC collaboration.

"Walk away" - Kelly Clarkson

Oh, Kelly Clarkson. You're so good at writing sassy and obsessively catchy hits. I'm not a huge fan of the "American Idol," but even I find myself turning up the radio when this one comes on.

"Walk the dinosaur" - Was (No Was)

I mean, do I really need to explain it? Just "open the door, get on the floor.." You can probably handle it from there.

What's your favorite song for walking? Let us know in the comments section.

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