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Markets are flooded with great options when it comes to choosing patio covers, hence it becomes important to know what’s trending the market place. Given here are some of the latest and evergreen patio covers trends that’ll help you in choosing the best.

Many homeowners spend a lot of time and energy in choosing custom patio covers for their open areas within the home such as a front yard or backyard. The reason why people take so much of time in selecting a patio cover is due to the amazing variety available in the market. Nowadays buyers will find patio covers in many styles, materials, shapes and prices. On one hand there are permanent patio cover structures and coverings such as gazebos, carports and awnings and on the other hand there are retractable patio covers made from fabrics or vinyl which are quite functional and useful. There are endless possibilities and the decision to choose a patio cover finally comes down to what the buyer wants.

But certainly a little help on what’s best and trending can help buyers avoid the big confusion. To make the task of choosing a patio cover easier, given below are some latest and evergreen patio designs and structures that’ll never go wrong.

Patio Covers in Metal

Patio covers in metal are considered to be most durable and strong covers that can withstand extreme weather conditions. There are all kinds of metal patio covers but the most popular metal is aluminum which can be assembled and installed quite easily. Aluminum patio covers are not very expensive and have a great range in terms of sizes, styles and colors.

Patio covers in Alumawood

Among the latest trends is the patio cover made from Alumawood. It’s a material that is mimic wood but is actually made from metal. It’s widely used to construct pergola, gazebos and arbor. It serves both the purposes of being attractive and durable. It has look of wood but life of metal. They cost lesser that the other metal covers and can be bought in different finishes of wood.

Patio Covers in Lattice

Patio covers made from Lattice are by far the most popular choice among buyers. The elegance and beauty of structure that a lattice patio cover provides is unmatched to any other material and style. A lot of homeowners like to use Lattice wooden structures to decorate their open areas such as garden, pool side and yards. They also create good space and provide privacy to homeowners while they enjoy their outdoor settings.

Patio Covers in Vinyl

Vinyl patio covers look very much like wooden patio covers such as Alumawood covers but they are actually made from plastic. What makes them an ideal choice is low maintenance and cheaper than other patio covers. Vinyl patio covers can be easily assembled and installed that have life similar to other metal covers.

All these designs, small or large, can be custom designed for creating harmony within the given architecture. Once you get a patio cover installed, it’ll soon become an integral part of your home giving it a contemporary look.

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