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Boulder Arts Week is in full swing. Take a look at the site and you are bound to find something to fit your entertainment needs.

One of the final events, taking place on Sunday, April 6, is Sharon Glassman’s “Lazy Person’s Book Club”. Held at Shine Restaurant, Glassman takes the reading out of the book least for the audience. Guests can come into Shine, order something off the happy hour menu, sit back and let the book come to them. Told through text and song, this month’s book, “Blame it on Hoboken” was written by Glassman herself. She has invited some talented friends to help her tell/sing the story. Special guests Emily K. Harrison of square product theatre and Billboard Award recipient Laurie Dameron read and sing from Glassman's comic novel, "Blame It on Hoboken" while the audience kicks backs and takes in the story along with tasty food and drink.

About The Book: "Blame It on Hoboken" recasts the classic myth of Cupid & Psyche in Frank Sinatra's hometown with hilarious and inspiring results. Recommended if you like: Marian Keyes, Italo Calvino, Laurie Colwin and/or The Princess Bride. Combined with original music composed by Glassman as a companion pairing to the book should prove to be a fun, entertaining way to enjoy some literature, music and some more of Boulder’s fine talented folks!

Sunday, April 6

3:00 pm


2027 13th St, Boulder

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