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Kyle Richards isn't the only person on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" that Carlton Gebbia has criticized strongly. In her latest Bravo blog entry, posted on Tuesday, April 1, Carlton blasted Joyce Giraud's husband Michael Ohoven as a man with no spine.

Carlton did not like how Michael criticized her during the reunion show. She believes that he, who shouldn't get involved in the women's drama anyways, would never have the guts to say the things he did to her husband. She implied that unlike her own husband who is a successful businessman, Michael has nothing to do but to become a housewife himself.

"Funny enough Michael has tried to engage with me before, but of course when I directed him to my husband, there was absolute silence...I do think Michael is confused by his Housewife status. It must be very hard coming down from being an award winning producer to now just being the husband of a very young and pretty housewife. But at least he has Twitter to occupy his time now," she wrote.

She added that he is an "insulting excuse of a man" who is hypocritical for criticizing her religious beliefs and practices but then turning around and having a pastor and rabbi bless his house and wearing a talisman for protection.

This isn't the first time that Carlton has slammed Joyce's husband. In an earlier blog entry, she made fun of Michael, as well as Kyle Richard's husband Mauricio Umansky, for being overly dramatic and whining. She accused them of wanting to become the eighth and ninth housewives and told them to man up.

What do you think of what Carlton Gebbia had to say about Joyce Giraud's husband?

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