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A group of still images documenting the disassembling of WKRG-TV's current set for local news programs was uploaded onto their official World Wide Web site this past Tuesday, April 1st (you may learn more about the disassembling by accessing the Mobile TV Examiner article published this past Saturday, March 29th).

You may access this group of images by selecting the following link:

Link to group of images

You may also access other images of the set being disassembled that were posted onto the official Facebook page for WKRG-TV by selecting these links:

Link to still image on Facebook pageLink to video on Facebook page

All articles about television and radio in Mobile, Alabama by the author are available in the Mobile TV Examiner section and the Mobile Radio Examiner section respectively. To learn about the most recent articles about TV and radio in Mobile, you may add distribution feeds for those sections to your Internet browsers (link for TV article feed and link for radio article feed) or subscribe to Examiner alerts for your electronic mailbox (link for TV article alerts and link for radio article alerts).

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