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louis vuitton monogram canvas Dear teens and young adults, stop tanningChristie Dedman/al.comAs the temperatures get warmer, the days get longer, the sun shines brighter you start longing for darker skin to go with your short shorts and sleeveless dresses. I know, I did too.Every spring and summer starting when I was 13 I would lather up with baby oil before laying out in the yard while tunes blared on my radio. Sometimes I would suntan the back of a truck to get more reflection and hopefully a darker tan.I let my skin burn hopefully avoiding blisters or peeling. My parents told me to stop of course so I had to come up with other ways of tanning. I was desperate for a deeper, darker tan. Using sunscreen? No way. I'll pass. Now at the age of 37 I wish I had listened to my parents, doctors and others who warned of the dangers. No I do not have skin cancer even though it runs in my family. My aunt, my grandparents and others had skin cancer. However, I'm constantly thinking about it now and watching every mole and bump that appears on my skin.There are two reasons I want you to rethink laying out and lathering up with sun enhancers:1. Cancer of course which can start at any age2. Vanity - The same reasons you're laying out now (To look good in your summer clothes or be super dark with white shorts) will make you regret the burning.What am I talking about?Check out the makeupless selfie I took of myself. I have spots on my face. I have sun damage on my shoulders including an increased amount of freckles. I have lots of lines around my eyes when I smile and wrinkles on my forehead.Now I'm trying to correct or hide all the evidence of my previous attitude about my body.The attitude I'm speaking off is sun worshiping. Instead of taking care of our skin we torture it.As an adult woman approaching 40, I now have a new outlook on health, body and living longer. Call it a mid-life crisis, or call it self preservation but what I call it, is a new attitude of taking care of the body God gave me. Fast forward 20 yearsI want you to imagine yourself looking in a mirror 20 years from now. I want you to imagine the lines on your face, the age spots, the questionable moles, the wrinkles and other signs of your years spent participating in Tan Girl Tuesdays on Instagram.Now I want you to look at your friend who is the same age. That friend took care of her skin, didn't cook it summer after summer. She wore hats, used sunscreen and treasured her skin and doesn't have a photo of her showing off her tan lines from her most recent burn. You may be jealous but mainly you'll feel regret and that's the point of this letter. Don't regret your teen years. Don't wear the proof of sunbathing for the rest of your life. The darker skin color usually last three to four months, but the effects last a lifetime.We've all been stubborn at some point in our lives:You're still going to do what you want to do, but I hope you'll seriously give this some thought before cooking like bacon on the beach or slathering up by the pool. More information:I won't bore you with statistics but if you're interested more about the increase in skin cancer among young adults. I won't bore you with information about which sunscreen to use but if you want some valuable.Sincerely,Christie Dedman, former sun worshiper
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