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The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting today that the Houston stiletto killer trial will resume it's third day of testimony. Ana Trujillo, who also goes by the name Ana Trujillo Fox and Ana Fox, is accused of stabbing boyfriend Stefan Andersson to death with her blue stiletto shoe.

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  • Prosecutors say, the 59-year-old University of Houston professor was brutally murdered by Ana Trujillo, whom prosecutors describe as a violent drunk.

    Court testimony is still underway in a Houston courtroom this morning as jurors weigh the evidence against Ana Trujillo. Here are a few details in the case.

    Prosecution's case:

    Ana Trujillo was Stefan Andersson's on-again, off-again girlfriend. The two had recently started seeing each other again in June of 2013.

    Witnesses say that Ana Trujillo was the violent one in the relationship, and many had warned the university professor to distance himself from Trujillo.

    On the night of June 9, 2013, Ana Trujillo became angry and violently stabbed Stefan Andersson, as she sat on top of him. Anderson received about 25 stab wounds to the face and head area, according to an autopsy report.

    Prosecutors conclude that Ana Trujillo is not a "victim," and that the case is not a case of self defense.

    Defense's Case:

    Stefan Andersson was a jealous, alcoholic who often grabbed Ana Trujillo in a fit of rage. On the night of June 9, 2013, Ana Trujillo and Stefan Andersson argued at a local taco eatery and bar after a man offered to buy Ana Trujillo a drink, according to the New York Daily News.

    The two left the bar visibly upset. Taxi driver Rosemary Gomez, testified that on the night of Andersson's death, she had driven the couple from the bar to the condo. Gomez states that Ana Trujillo was angry and rude the entire ride, adding that Trujillo used curse words while showing the cab driver which turns to make.

    Gomez said that she advised Stefan Andersson to "be careful" because his girlfriend was "out of control."

    Stefan Andersson grabbed the taxi driver's hand and told her that he would alright.

    Defense attorneys conclude that Stefan Andersson grabbed Trujillo and "threw her over the couch," before trying to suffocate her when she tried to leave him. That's when Ana Trujillo used her stiletto shoe to protect herself, according to KHOU.

    Ana Trujillo cried in court as she listened to the original 911 tape from the night of Andersson's death. The jury is expected to hear Ana Trujillo Fox' interview with police on Wednesday, according to San Francisco Chronicle.

    Ana Trujillo's trial is expected to last several days.

    Ana Trujillo-Stefan Andersson Timeline here

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