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Just released video, originally taken March 27 and posted on two days ago, shows the set of circumstances leading to the collision between two horses at Flamboro Downs in Ontario. The fatal head-on collision between one loose horse and another horse still racing resulted in both horses having to be euthanized on the track.

The accident occurred about one minute after the start of the race. The attached video is distressing, shows the initial accident shortly after the start of the race at the first turn, and continues until the head-on collision. The race was called a “no contest” by ORC judges.

Early in the race, a couple of horses were involved in an accident heading into the first turn after Banana Joes Bar broke stride, setting off a resulting chain reaction of the trailing horses and their drivers. Buckbuckbuck Mach was unable to steer clear of the faltering horse and ran into him from the rear. Finally Stonebridge Wish struck the wheel of Buckbuckbuck Mach, dumping both drivers out of their bikes onto the track. Buckbuckbuck found himself free and took off running in the wrong direction, thus setting up the final collision.

Warning track lights were immediately posted but the race continued. As the horses raced into the final turn, Buckbuckbuck Mach smashed into A Sudden Twist. Both horses were running at full racing speed and the result of their collision was devastating. Both horses had to be euthanized.

Despite the rare and serious nature of the accident, and the loss of the horses, it is fortunate that no drivers sustained serious injury.

On behalf of readers and horse lovers, the writer joins with Standardbred Canada in sending sincerest condolences.

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