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A pre-made scrapbook album kit is not the best fit for every scrapbooker, but the simplicity and value that kits offer carry some decided advantages.

Most kits include everything needed to put a scrapbook together, such as the album, cardstock, patterned paper, photo corners, stickers, ribbons, buttons, die cuts, tags, frames and other embellishments. Some kits even come with a keepsake box, a particularly nice touch if the scrapbook will be a gift.

These all-in-one scrapbook kits are ideal for beginners, allowing them to try scrapbooking without having to get overwhelmed by the abundance of embellishment choices and mix-and-match possibilities. A kit will let a beginner enjoy a finished and well-designed product quickly, offering a chance to see if scrapbooking is an interest worth pursuing.

Even for the seasoned scrapbooker, scrapbook album kits are a great time-saver. With everything needed in one kit, there will be no time lost running back-and-forth between home and the craft store. Lengthy decision-making processes will be cut short as papers and coordinating embellishments come together in one package.

By reducing the need for design decisions, scrapbook album kits facilitate an ability to focus on photos and journaling. Instead of spending time trying to select the perfect embellishment to match the album, the time can go into creating and selecting the perfect photo. In leaving design decisions to the experts who created the kit, more time can be spent on a journaling, a personal aspect of scrapbooking that can’t be pre-packaged.

Once the personal additions of journaling and photos are added, even a pre-made kit will become as unique as the scrapbooker putting it together.

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