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louis vuitton shoulder bags He's got moves: South Alabama's Davin Hawkins finally finds a home at inside linebacker South Alabama inside linebacker Davin Hawkins surveys the offense in a recent Jaguars' practice session. He moved to inside linebacker from tight end this spring. (Mike Kittrell/ Hawkins celebrates his 30-yard touchdown catch against Tulane last season as a tight end with quarterback Ross Metheny. (Mike

- fans have to bealert to keep up with . The 6-foot-2, 230-pounder senior-to-befrom Gadsden and Etowah High School has made more moves than some running backson the Jaguars' roster.

He arrived as a safety and was later loved to a linebackerposition. During spring practice a year ago, in the middle of spring practice,he was moved from defense to offense, Hawkins making to switch to tight end. Atthe end of the 2013 season and prior to the current spring drills, Hawkins wasmoved back to defense as an inside linebacker.

Asked about all the changes, Hawkins just smiles.

"I hope I've found a home,'' he said of his latest positionassignment. "God has blessed me to be able to do multiple things. I can'tcomplain. It's all football to me. In high school I played both ways and playedthe whole game. Maybe I'll get to play both ways this season.

"I just take it as it goes. You can't become frustratedbecause you won't be able to succeed wherever you go. You just have to dealwith it. They're coaches, they're smarter about the game of football than me.So I just take what they give me.''

Hawkins has taken to his new position well thus far, and it'sa position where the Jaguars are looking for some players to step forward or atthe least provide some depth. Hawkins has had some good moments, in practicesessions and in the recent spring game, and he is adapting to his new spot onthe roster. Even a new number - a year ago as a tight end he wore No. 83, thisyear he'll wear No. 11.

"I feel real comfortable,'' Hawkins said. "Like I said, it'sjust football. You hit, run, catch. I'm catching more passes at linebacker thanI did at tight end. I would say it helped playing offense. If you're on theother side of the field you don't know what they're running but you pick thingsup. ... I'm happy to be on the football field. I've played this game since I was fouryears old and God has blessed me to play it. I just want to play it as long asI can.''

Last season, he caught just two passes for 45 yards, but onewas a 30-yard touchdown pass in the Jags' win at Tulane. He has been usedprimarily as a special teams player, where he has made an impact, and at timeshe has made plays at the other positions he has played.

Inside linebackers coach says Hawkins is makingprogress.

"Davin has done a great job of coming back to linebacker andtrying to catch up with these guys and become part of the mix that's going tohave to play for us this year,'' Adams said. "It's been a growing process forhim, but you can see him get better each day a little bit. He's at leaststaying focused and he's staying in it and hopefully as he becomes even morehealthy he'll look better every day.

"I think he enjoys playing and certainly when he figures outwhere to go and everything it will become more fun for him to play. I likehaving him around. He's got a good attitude and he's willing to work, so I'mglad he's on our side.''

Hawkins said he recognizes there's an opportunity for him toget more playing time this season - both at inside linebacker and on specialteams - and he intends to keep working hard so that he will be on the field asmuch as possible.

"I'm going to take full advantage of it every day,'' hesaid. "Coach Adams has me out here every day and coach (Travis) Pearson(defensive coordinator). They're both out here putting me in a good position,coaching me up every day and giving me every little thing to make me better. Iwouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for them.

"My mentality was just hit, hit, hit. They've got me usingbetter technique - how to approach the tackle, how to approach the guard andhow to approach the running backs. They've done a good job of teaching meeverything.

"And like I said, I just want to play.''

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