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Anderson Cooper will not receive so much as a penny inheritance from his mother’s estate and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, made it clear to him that there was no trust fund waiting for him. This is what Cooper shared during his recent interview with Howard Stern, according to MSN Wonderwall on April 1.

From what Cooper reports, it sounds like his mother already gave him the greatest gift of all, the gift of supplying the tools for her son to go out and make his own fortune. With a Yale education and a great personality, the CNN fan favorite brings in million a year on his own from the cable news network.

Cooper feels that if he had inherited money, the drive to work towards his own goals would be greatly compromised. Money that’s just plunked down in your lap can diminish the reason to have goals in the first place.

Howard Stern asks Anderson Cooper about brother's suicide, CNN vs. Fox ratings

Cooper said that if he grew up knowing that a pot of gold was waiting for him, there’s no telling where the road would have led him. Cooper’s dad grew up poor in Mississippi and he is the one that the CNN anchor inspires to instead of some “statue of a great-great-great-grandfather who has no connection to my life,” he told Stern.

He said that he honestly never paid attention to the great wealth of the Vanderbilt family, who are one of the riches families in the nation. “I am doing fine on my own, I don’t need any (money),” Cooper said to Stern.

At 46-years-old, the man that fans nick named the “Silver Fox,” has done just fine on his own. Cooper said he doesn’t know if he would have been as motivated if there was the promise of great wealth looming in his future.

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