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A kindergartner told not to pray at a Florida elementary school is now earning national attention. However, there are allegations that the story is a hoax and a quest for attention by the parents. The story is still developing though. On April 2, The Inquisitr reported that a lawsuit has now been filed by the parents.

What happened on March 10 at Oviedo school in Florida? Gabriella Perez was at lunch, and she tried to pray over her food. The teacher on duty told her to stop praying. The teacher also told her it wasn't good to pray when the little girl asked why she couldn't. She still tried to pray, but she was caught and stopped again.

Her father shot video of her account, and he posted it to YouTube. Marcos Perez has been accused of coaching his daughter for the video, and those with the school have said that the incident did not happen as she said it did.

Analynn Jones, the person in charge at the elementary school, actually said that nothing of that sort happened, and none of the teachers of the school remember it happening either. This denial that anything happened is what pushed the family to file their lawsuit. Jeremiah Dys is the attorney for the Perez family, and he said the following about the case:

The principal has pretty much dismissed this. Saying a 5-year-old cannot pray over her chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese isn’t in line with the Constitution.

What do you think? Was the young girl stopped from praying? Is a lawsuit needed in this case if it did happen?

Regina Avalos covers the latest in news. Whether it is the latest in television spoilers, celebrities, or news from around the world, she keeps her readers up to date on what is happening. To follow her news updates, check out her Facebook and Twitter.

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