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Bao Bao has made her first trip out in the world. Bao Bao is a panda cub at the National Zoo, and she was finally allowed to venture outside with her mother. She had been kept indoors for her safety. On April 1, The DCist shared photos and video of the young panda's first trip outdoors.

What did the young panda cub do during her first trip outdoors? She tried to climb a tree, and she spent some time eating a piece of bamboo. The young panda cub was born on Aug. 23 last year, and her mother is named Mei Xiang. The cub's name translates to 'precious' or 'treasure.'

The cub's safety was a high priority during this first outing. According to CS Monitor, the panda enclosure was 'cub-proofed' with hay, and the trees were even collared to prevent Bao Bao from climbing too high.

This is only the first week the panda cub was allowed the option to go outside. The zoo keepers wanted to make sure it wouldn't rain or be too cold for the young cub before allowing her out.

The addition of Bao Bao should bring even more visitors to the National Zoo as the weather continues to warm up. What do you think? Do you want to see this adorable panda cub for yourself?

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